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Three reasons to invest with Capital Dynamics


Capital Dynamics is an independent fund management and investment advisory house. We are not affiliated with any financial institution, stock broking companies, political or government organisation, preventing any possible conflicts of interest from arising.


Capital Dynamics does not act on tips, rumours, and hearsay, but only on an intimate knowledge of investments, based on intelligent and objective analysis. Our research is independent and we have our in-house team of professionals to analyse companies, industries, markets and economies first-hand.


While it sounds abstract, Capital Dynamics believes that integrity will in the long run show in the investment returns our clients receive. Without integrity, independence and intelligence have no meaning.

Capital Dynamics is owner-operated. For our clients, this represents the assurance of consistency and continuity in our investment approach.

Our efforts are concentrated only in providing the best possible investment advice and fund management service.

Our managing director is widely recognised as one of the most consistent and experienced investment managers.

Our investment teams are on the ground in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Hong Kong and Shanghai to provide clients with a range of global investment perspectives and products. Capital Dynamics offers a unique and rare Asian perspective of the global economy.

We strongly believe that the foundation of integrity must be built from within. At Capital Dynamics, integrity permeates every level of our business and organization. A manifestation of this principle is seen in the way our success is undeniably tied up with our clients’ success.

Our performance fee is chargeable only if 3 criteria are met:

  • Hurdle 1: Annual rate of return exceeds 6%;
  • Hurdle 2: Annual compound rate of return exceeds 6%
  • Hurdle 3 : If after charging the performance fee, the net return does not fall below the 6% annual and annual compound rates.

Clients need to earn 6% annual return and 6% annual compound return, both after expenses, before any performance fee can be earned. In short, a genuine partner. As partners, we sink or swim together with our clients.

For more information on our corporate philosophies please visit our corporate website www.capitaldynamics.biz

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