i Capital International Value Fund

The i Capital International Value Fund is a retail, open end global fund investing in 42 stock markets.


1 July 2009

Nav AS AT 30 SEP 2020


Managing Office



Direct application to Capital Dynamics (Australia) Ltd



Should be considered by investors who

  • Believe in the long-term wealth creation potential of share investments.
  • Accept that returns over the shorter term may fluctuate and that returns may even be negative.
  • Seek a single fund that offers global exposure based on value investing.

Key Features

  • Global exposure in 42 countries
  • Proven long-term value investing approach has delivered superior and consistent long-term returns

More Fund Facts

Currency : Australian Dollar

Minimum Investment (AUD) : $20,000

Additional Investment (AUD) : $2,000

ARSN code :134578180

NAV(as at 31 Aug 2020) : AUD 0.8576

Entry / Exit Fee : Nil

Buy/sell spread : Nil

Distribution Frequency : Paid annually as at 30 June, if any.

Benchmark : MSCI ACWI and ASX200

Management Fee : 1.5375 % of the NAV (including GST less RITC)

Performance Fee : 20.50% p.a. only chargeable if the following three criteria are met in the same period

1. Market value exceeds 6% annual rate of return (AROR) and
2. Market value exceeds 6% annual compound rate of return (ACROR) and
3. Both AROR and ACROR must still be above 6% after a performance fee has been charged

For more information on i Capital International Value Fund, visit www.capitaldynamics.com.au.

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