i Capital Global Fund

Gain massively from the proven i Capital Global Fund, managed by a proven, time tested fund manager.

ICGF Fund Facts

Fund Name: i Capital Global Fund

Fund Manager: Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd (CDPL)

Fund structure: Open-end, global fund

Domicile: Cayman Islands

Date of launch: July 2007

Fiscal Year end: 30 April

Type: Open-end structure

Currency: US$

Type of Investor: Accredited Investors

Minimum initial investment: US$100,000

Minimum subsequent investment: US$10,000

Subscription: Anytime, pricing will be based on the month-end NAV.

Lock-in period: 1 year

Redemption: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec

Redemption notice: Minimum 2 months before redemption quarter.

Minimum redemption: US$10,000

Loadings: Zero

Management fee: 1.5% p.a. (payable quarterly)

Performance fee: see here

Why Invest With US

  • Our fund does not charge any entry or exit loading.
  • Investors buy or sell at NAV
  • Our performance fee structure is unique and stringent. Read more here.


  • We invest in 42 stock markets globally
  • We do not have agents or distributors.

Since 2008, investors have had to endure many scary periods filled with unnerving uncertainties. With this backdrop, investors have developed a negative bias, a prejudice that the period from 2008 to 2012 is normal when they were actually an anomaly.

Data from the United States, Europe and China, shows that the global economy is normalising – albeit on a different path.

When one takes a longer-term view, the last few years were just a glitch in an unprecedented global economic transformation which has been unfolding and which is still continuing to unfold.

As we have repeatedly advised as part of our i Capital Long Boom theory, this global economic transformation is essentially led by China. She became the world’s biggest exporter in 2009 and surpassed Japan as the world’s second-largest economy by 2010. In 2012, China surpassed the US to become the world’s biggest trading nation, as measured by the sum of exports and imports of goods.

From a longer-term perspective, this is the norm, not the period from 2008 to 2013.

A global fund like i Capital Global Fund allows investors to profit from the developed and developing markets and gain from the vast unfolding global opportunities. It allows investor to lower risks without lowering their returns.

i Capital Global Fund is an open-end, global fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands available only to Accredited Investors (as defined in the Securities and Futures Act, Singapore). This Fund is managed by Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd (CDPL).

The performance of i Capital Global Fund has consistently outperformed the global benchmarks.

For more information on i Capital Global Fund, visit capitaldynamics.com.sg.

The i Capital Global Fund is a zero-load open-end fund investing in 42 stock markets globally. You buy and sell based on its NAV and you do not have to pay entry or exit fees. As no agents or distributors are appointed for the i Capital Global Fund, investors can invest in it only through Capital Dynamics (S) Pte Ltd.

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  • ICAP F.A.Q.
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