The i Capital China Fund (the "Sub-Fund") is a fund constituted in the form of a unit trust under i Capital Master Fund, an umbrella unit trust established under the laws of Hong Kong.


2 Jan 2018

NAV as AT 22 Oct 2021

USD 1.2183

(The NAV is nett of all fees, including any accruals for performance fee, whenever it is applicable)

Managing Office

Hong Kong


Capital Dynamics Asset Management (HK) Private Limited



Should be considered by investors who

  • Believe in the long-term wealth creation potential of share investments.
  • Accept that returns over the shorter term may fluctuate and that returns may even be negative.
  • Seek a fund that offers exposure to the China's stock markets

Key Features

  • The fund seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in equity securities issued by companies listed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and/or Shenzhen.
  • Proven long-term value investing approach has delivered superior and consistent long-term returns

More Fund Facts

Manager : Capital Dynamics Asset Management (HK) Private Limited

Trustee : BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited

Custodian : Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

Ongoing charges over a year # + :

Class A:
Without performance fee: 2.85%
With performance fee: 3.46%

#The ongoing charges figure is an annualized ongoing charges incurred by the Sub-Fund from 1 August 2020 to 31 January 2021 based on the information in the latest interim report. It represents the sum of ongoing expenses chargeable expressed as a percentage of the average net asset value of the Unit class for the corresponding period. This figure may vary from year to year. The ongoing charges figure takes into account the amount of reimbursements by the Manager to the Sub-Fund for the half-year ended 31 January 2021. Amortized portion of the set-up costs (based on amortization over first 5 accounting periods), the management fee and the trustee fee have been included in the ongoing charges figure.

+ The ongoing charges figure will be capped at 2.90% of the average net asset value of the Sub-Fund over a 12-month period. Any ongoing expenses in excess of 2.90% will be borne by the Manager. For the avoidance of doubt, any performance fee payable to the Manager is excluded from this cap. Where the performance fee is levied, the component in the ongoing charges figure which does not include performance fee will be capped at the percentage stated above. If there is any change to the cap on ongoing charges, the Manager shall provide at least one month’s prior written notice to investors and obtain the SFC’s prior approval (where applicable).

Dealing frequency : Weekly (last Hong Kong Business Day of every week)

Base currency : USD

Dividend Policy : Class A: No distribution, any income received will be accumulated and reflected in the Unit price.

Financial year end : 31 July

For more information on i Capital China Fund, visit

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